About Wild Dagga Extract and Wild Dagga Flowers

by wilddagga

Wild Dagga has many other names like Leonotis leonurus, lion’s ear and many others. Wild Dagga flowers are very attractive flowers and are very tall around 2-5m. The base is woody and the flowers are in orange color with the hairy leaves. It grows in a summer season especially in the time of rainfall. Wild Dagga belongs to mint family. In South Africa it is famous as it is the cure for many diseases.

Wild Dagga extract gives cool and calm effect, it also makes to feel relax. And sometime, more doses of Wild Dagga flowers can be proven as a side effect. It should not be taken in a higher wild dagga flowers About Wild Dagga Extract and Wild Dagga Flowersorder, it is very effective, when it is taken in a higher order so it should be taken very mild and that gives so much relaxation. It can also be addictive to some people, so it should be taken normally and if taking frequently then not to get addicted to it. For many people it is hard to understand and it is very popular when seen in the herbal products. The word Dagga means marijuana. It is not considered as an illegal drugs but it is legal all over the world. Wild Dagga Flowers extract not only helps in dilating the blood vessel, it also makes to feel relax when a person is very tired and comes from work , and have the Wild Dagga smoke then he can feel very cool and calm and even refreshing. It also helps in curing many other diseases like cough, cold, headaches and even helps in making the high blood pressure normal.

Leonurine is the component which is behind the euphoric effects and nowadays it is used in the lab. Even for many the herbs, flowers are a good potentiator and it is also used to add it in a tobacco. The petal of the wild dagga flowers also gets very difficultly and this part is very useful so it gets at a very higher prices. The effect of the leaf is very higher than the flower and the flower effect is very normal and much more favorable, the effect of stems and leaves are higher but you can feel it, still its’ not good  for the health and the flower is very nice, it feels like heaven and make it cool and pleasant.

Marrubiin helps in curing the diseases of gastric juices and have a rare effect. Dried leaf wild dagga extract is also very effective and helps to cure many diseases.  Ethanol extracts helps to stimulate weak uterine. Wild dagga extract has number of uses to cure a person and make them free from the diseases like the roots are boiled in a hot water and used it to get relief from the snake bite and from the other scorpion bites or an insect bite. In many parts of Africa, the stem, flower, petals and leaves are made it into tonic for the people suffering from cold, cough, etc. And the powdered leaf is made into ointment and is used to cure the pain of eye.

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